October 11, 2007

Adrian Sanders is my bitch

Adrian Sanders is my bitch. Actually he is the bitch of everybody in Torbay, getting out and hustling hard (politically) on the mean streets of Westminster so that we can chill out under the palm trees. He does this not just because he's a kind dedicated sort of person, but because he's scared that if he doesn't we will give him an almighty slapping at the ballot box.

Sanbikinoraion is looking at an examination as a qualification for standing for office, which makes me think of the claustrophobic stasis of Imperial China. Such complexities are not needed, we just need to get a parliment of people like Mr Sanders. Really, that is all there is too it. A parliment of MPs that know they have to represent and if they don't ... well ... Treat 'em mean to keep 'em keen.

What is needed to make every MP as good as Sanders is to make their position as uncertain as his is. There is one electoral system that will do that by producing no safe seats. Single Transferable Vote.


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